How to buy


Please follow the steps below for activate your subscription or buy your eBook.

  • step n. 1 click the green button  “The cart” to add your purchase
  • step n. 2 see on the top right your cart 
  • step n. 3 in case of subscription, add the number of users with (+ or -)
  • step n. 4 click “Buy now!"  (the green button) 
  • step n. 5 choose a payment method
  • step n. 6 complete the registration: if you are already registered insert here your credentials or unless you are a registered user click the blu button  “Sign up now”

and follow the procedure…...

However, the system will send you two emails :

The first with the subject "Registration" only remind you of the username and pw choice.

The second with the subject " Confirmation " notify the successful activation in the system and therefore the possibility to consult the publication.


Don not serve the browser in private! or without cookie!

Use this browser: Safari, Google Crome, Firefox or Explorer 8!

If you do not see properly and you get a page all white it means that you did not install the plug-in from Adobe that is normally present on all computers. Go to this link and run:

Each user is for personal use , then the transfer the login to others makes it impossible to consult simultaneously with the same login !

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