New ADR 2013

Held every two years, this year has been updated to the ADR agreement governing the transport of dangerous goods by road.

The Directive 2012/45/UE the Commission of 3 December 2012 adapting for the second time to scientific and technical progress the Annexes to Directive 2008/68/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on the inland transport of dangerous goods has been published in OJ 04.12.2013

The Member States shall comply with the Directive by 30 June 2013 

Italy has implemented the Directive 2012/45/UE by Decree 21 January 2013 published in the Italian Official Gazette n ° 61 of 13/03/2013 

The ADR 2013 so will become mandatory from 1 July 2013; until that date will be valid ADR 2011, but you can already voluntarily use ADR 2013.

We summarize the most significant changes introduced by the ADR 2013 in relation to the parties involved:

Consultant / Business Owner of the Company


  • And 'now clearly expected that the Consultant for the Security of Dangerous Goods, which shall lie with the owner of the Company, will also have the task of training staff on new regulations.
  • In the case of the drafting of an accident report, the deadline for submission to the competent authorities has been set at 30 days, the current 45-day period established in Italy will now be updated.



  • character heights for the marking of packages,
  • classification of hazardous waste only to the environment,
  • special arrangements and packaging instructions for batteries and accumulators, lithium,
  • Maximum load of overlap for large packagings



  • restrictions in tunnels for dangerous goods in limited quantities
  • orange panels on trailer detached from tractor
  • placing and anchoring the load
  • marking tanks


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